Dance, Music & Life Skills

We are so lucky at Woodstock ETNS- not only is Gráinne a super teacher but she is a qualified Dance Teacher too! So get ready to learn, have fun & energize!

Health Benefits of Dance for Young Children:

    1. Improved condition of heart and lungs.
    2. Increased muscular strength, endurance and aerobic fitness.
    3. Better coordination.
    4. Better agility.
    5. Better flexibility.
    6. Healthy blood pressure.
    7. Improved overall balance.
    8. Improved spatial awareness.


As a Teaching Principal and qualified Drama Teacher I love to explore the world of imagination! I encourage children to use Drama to boost self-confidence, tapping into inner skills & gain fluency in speech. Entering the Irish Board of Speech & Drama is a wonderful challenge we look forward to returning to soon. I also love using my Masters in Mindfulness (UCD) to encourage the children to become their own Mindfulness Adventurers discovering their unique & fantastic set of skills!