Woodstock ETNS places a big emphasis on community spirit and parental involvement. Parental participation infuses all aspects of school life from formal structures like Parent Nominees on the Board of Management, the Parent Teacher Association or Formation Groups (outside of the school day) through to more hands-on voluntary roles such as- helping out with school activities, events days, sports or cultural weeks or even in the classroom!

The purpose of the Parent Association is to provide a structure through which the parents/guardians of children attending Woodstock ETNS can work together for the best possible education for their children in line with the Education Act 1998. Our PA Constitution & Policy supports an ethos of transparency and openness between all members of our school community and is based on best practice framework as jointly developed by the National Parents’ Council – Primary (NPC-P) and the Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN).

PA-Policy and Constitution-2022 Woodstock ETNS

Typical PA activities at Woodstock ETNS might include:

  • Welcoming new guardians/parents both to the locality and the school.
  • Providing opportunities for parents to meet informally and learn from each other’s experiences.
  • Organising events where parents, teachers and board members can meet and get to know one another.
  • Fundraising, in consultation with the Principal and Board of Management.
  •  Supporting the Principal and staff with school events such as sports day, school trips, and other activities.
  • Organising guest speakers to address parents, this can be done jointly with parents from neighbouring schools.
  • Working in partnership with the principal and teachers in the development and review of school policies, such as the anti-bullying policy, code of behaviour etc.
  • Supporting the school with the organisation of special events e.g. to include people from the local community in celebrating an anniversary or a multicultural event.
  • Maintaining a parents’ page on the school website & circulating a Parent Association newsletter.
  • Supporting the Principal and staff with projects such as the Green Schools and Digital School initiatives or staff with specific schemes such as shared reading.
  • Supporting school projects that require local knowledge e.g. local history, a grandparent / parent sharing their story of life in earlier times.
  • Providing practical assistance when requested at certain times of the school year e.g. changing classroom furniture, updating inventories of library books, school plays, educational tours etc.

The National Parents Council is a useful resource for parents and guardians! National Parents Council Primary  Another resource available is: Supporting your child’s learning at home

We are delighted to Announce the members of our Founding Parents Association Council:

Chairperson – Jitka

Secretary – Sinead M.

Treasurer – Daniel

Junior Infants Rep – Sam, JB and Sinead M.

Senior Infants Rep – Nadia

1st Class Rep – Jitka

2nd Class Rep – Joanna 

Third Class Rep – Rebecca