What are Educate Together second-level schools like?

As at primary level, second-level schools are guided by the four principles of the Educate Together Charter (available to download below):

Learner-centred: The needs of students are considered first in all decisions. Students work together in mixed-ability classes for the majority of subjects and teachers use Twenty-first Century and active teaching approaches to enhance student engagement and learning.
Democratically-run: Students, parents, school management and teachers are involved in decision-making and planning. Each group is represented on the school’s Board of Management.
Equality-based: Students from all social, cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds have equal rights and respect in the school. Everyone in the school community including staff and students are addressed on a first name basis.
 The school is mixed (boys and girls). An active approach is taken to challenging gender stereotypes and ensuring all students reach their full potential.
Educate Together’s Second-level Blueprint (available to download below) underlines the commitment to a holistic educational experience where the development of students’ academic, social, sporting, artistic and musical skills is supported and encouraged through the school curriculum, co-curricular activities and cross-curricular teaching approaches.

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